Real estate can be a tricky business, especially when it comes to commercial and industrial property transactions. For owners, the process of appraising a property, evaluating its potential and performing the required due diligence prior to acquisition is complicated. But that’s only one side of the equation. Post-acquisition property management, tenant relations, and ongoing real property portfolio assessment, valuation and diversification can present ongoing challenges that can seem insurmountable — particularly if a client is not familiar with the local market.


That’s where we can be of the most assistance. We help our clients navigate through the complexities of local, national and international commercial and industrial property markets to reach profitable and advantageous results.

Who We Are

J.D. Hussion & Company excels at matching market potential to client need to maximize the desired end result. Our clients may seek short-term profitability, long-term ROI or portfolio diversification, or they may need to expand operations and their industrial footprint. Whatever they require in commercial real estate services, we provide — with expertise, honesty and integrity.

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